Bring me Back

It is money that this student receives in his hand, that is, the sum of which will be less than the cost of a prisoner, is not the only money that goes to the student’s life. Training costs the state huge amounts of money, as the rotation of the education system is not free. All the same school building expenses is like a prison, too. Electricity, water, personnel, repair costs, waste management … Equally, this student to spend government funds, but not only going to think about the matter, he thinks he has a useful human being and entitled to everything they receive. Studying is something which I support very much, and students are certainly too poor to support their studies. But if you talk about the benefits and rights, so the student does not have any prisoners underprivileged requirements for presenting. Prisoners often reduced to studying themselves, so they are able to the same people as the outside. In addition, Im not like you wonder, I wonder if the prisoners asked if they want so much tax money is going to studying, while a few of the students may not even own field work? Vangitkin have paid taxes to the government, at least to some extent, most definitely. If they themselves do not pay at all, their relatives pay anyway. The prisoner has earned its share of government spending as much as anyone else. Not the fact that he or his family to remit taxes to the government, but because there is a man like others in this country. The student, a different doctor, people on Welfare hatch matches, a drug addict, unemployed or even a millionaire. All consume at least a path to walk on, with little reflection to who will pay for the mending the road passes through. I think tax money is not used as it should. It do not take a stand on this. Of course, however, is that government institutions from school to prison to pay large sums of money each. They are necessary and every citizen is entitled to use the services maintained by the state. Really sicken left to give comments and pytystä sufficient prisoner, says the level of human thinking. The prison itself, buildings and architecture because it is not a penalty. It is ignorant person thinks that prison is supposed to be nasty, smelly, dark and cheerless place. That is, belongs to the prisoner suffer, and enjoy the moment either. It does not matter whether a luxury hotel room or in the basement, the penalty is it still a loss of freedom. Not the most miserable oltavat. The fact that your life is not in their own hands and have been exported to freedom, is quite sufficient punishment. kurjistaminen prisoner’s conditions would not be beneficial to anyone. Prisoners living their everyday life just like the rest of us. Go to work, study, take care of relationships and different from the neighbor’s bedsit coffee. No one is not to live their lives with a rat hanging around on the floor below, because of the burden of someone’s eyes. Not sick, not thrown in a landfill. Benefits due to self-certainly would not put people in a queue ranked. We are all burdens jio4gvoice app of the state, just the monetary costs holes with all means intended to cut down on. It’s one student is not the whole system in terms of just worth nothing, even though the money may not be touched and will sometimes be educated and employed a good citizen. Yet sometimes this too will be a day when a student discovers how little knows of age, and how little the state, after all, give little value to him of any intention.


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