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This jio4gvoice was therefore puzzled as to how it is possible to finish the prisoner’s so expensive to the state. Generally, people älähtävät when there is tax money about. Understandable. But this jio4gvoice did not mention the tax money or any other reason makes sense of wonder. She now just wanted to inform the usher myself along with much less amount of money, the amount consumed by the prisoner is far too high in relation to the needs of the prisoner. Or in relation to what a prisoner deserves. Just like ilk inexperienced soul, he recalled that the prisoners do not deserve more than a small booth and a bowl. My husband is the subject of all these weird and wonderful ways of thinking, along with other prisoners. My husband should settle into the booth with seating for only pytyllä to sit, even if he is in prison for fighting with themselves. Whatever was the reason, I do not think anyone deserve maximization of misery. My husband due to a previous prison background, he received a trade trip several years in prison after beating two men who were a threat to him. But he is a repeat offense in the eyes of the system, and a very dangerous individual. It is not enough that he was taken to the freedom due to the two jurrisen man who forced him to raise his fist. He should bear the consequences of the stupidity of others even in the most wretched conditions of this student’s opinion, which does not know the facts of fact right now, let alone my husband touhuista. Or anyone else’s prisoner. The student is precisely those cases, which tend to forget the existence of individuals. My jio4gvoice would go down to the ground the judiciary’s view, when threatened him. And so also other people’s opinion. He is now unusable criminal, himself once went to defend. Probably better just such people, they all underestimate the student and arrogant boys smashed my husband want to challenge and even experience serious about its innocent victims nenilleen receipt. The problem initiator allows the victim to jump this very gorgeous claim jurisdiction. That’s how much my husband’s life has value left. The deal, he can not even leave himself without fear, because the options are in the middle of the nearby mall mad either raise your hands up and come into power, or to avoid injuries and go to jail lyönnistään. My husband is in every way an example of a joke in the judiciary and perverse sense of justice to the people of faith. It’s what happens in the halls of justice, is the reason the designated theater. Now my husband has twice been on the bench of the accused to defend themselves due to Kanniste idiots isottelun necessary as a result. My husband took from her previous mistakes all rights for life. This is how I see it, if threatened her people are calling him compensation of its own mokastaan and the state in addition to locks my husband a couple of years in prison. They jurriset morons ruin the following weekend or another day of life, but it’s all okay. Each prisoner is someone’s child, that is one of a mother without her child. Multi-prisoners have a father or a mother, that is one of the children away from their parents. Many a wife without a husband is run by everyday life. Life is full of choices, including breaking the law and caregivers will apply. I’m not trying to get anyone to feel sorry for the prisoners, but sometimes even a little to remind people. People who do not know anything about the real life of Jio4GVoice app the family, Let her take to herself sub-standard views. It is pointless to talk about the fates of people whose lives or not I really was interested in comparing hell, but then if you need to look for the face of failure. That all höykytyksessä be involved with people who are dear to someone. No one seems to think at all. For me, some feel that they are the right people to tell my husband and facts about his life. The wives of other men they hardly speak so arrogant manner. Man is he whom I married. And I will not tolerate her treatment so calmly if she would sit in the booth kämäisessä constant gloom. It would be the last straw, if first he vangittuaan the same state it decided for him to be too expensive in custody. Which distributes judgments, also to take care of those sentenced. Or leave the judgments to be completed.


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