Im not Like YOU

In fact, I’m not quite sure what all it consists of the sum, which the prisoner a year to spend. Information on the other hand is quite indifferent, as it is sure that jail time to raise family income. It’s all a feast and easy money brings, even though the official papers prisoner’s price is several thousand euros per year. Oh, if only the prisoners were able to access that amount of money for himself clean in your hand. Then I would understand the student to see the injustice and the need for a comparison of income. But that amount of money does not pass through the prisoner’s hands. The sum is large, I do not deny it. But the scorn of prisoners, it does not justify, but there is one more reason to rein in throwing people in jail too easily. full tucking the prisons is not only murderous hustle, but really because of their tax dollars to be foolish. For some reason, rarely ask the real reason why this small country has so many expenses of the prisoners. Is there a disproportionate number of prisoners, which tells the astonishing number of crimes? No, jio4gvoice download the prisoners have a disproportionate amount of air that it would tell any crime in the state. It’s not about people’s mistakes but the judiciary that only works inspired by the discovery of errors. Prosecutor’s supposed to be impartial and to dig out the true picture of the conduct of affairs. But the prosecutor only blame and seeking judgment, ignoring the life of the accused at all. Hardly anyone come out loud sanoneeksi that maybe the prisoners are not the right target if tax money after the shouting. It’s not their fault that they are expensive.